Wine Drinks with Chinese delivery food

photo pairing

If you love General Tso’s chicken, drink Chenin Blanc !

You can find these Hunan typical foods in Di Shui Dong Restaurant in Shanghai.

Occasionally off-dry, Chenin Blanc and Chinese food go together like chopsticks and fortune cookies thanks to the grape’s high acid and unctuous mouthfeel.

Acid refreshed your mouth between heavy bites fried-then-sauced dishes like General Tso’s or Orange Chicken, and fruity flavors tame heat. Those same flavors also highlight the tang of classic sweet and sour sauces like Hoisin or duck sauce.

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merlot pairing

If you order savory stir-frys, drink Rose or Merlot !

Tipical foods that you will find at Lost Heaven Restaurant in Shanghai.

Rose, with its range of colors and flavors, is extremely versatile and adds delicious contrast to earthy, umami stir-frys like chicken in garlic sauce or pan-fried noodles coated in soy. Easygoing fruit flavors—think orange, and strawberry—plus minerality mean a combination as effortless as calling for delivery.

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Merlot may seem too rich and tannic for Chinese, but alongside savory dishes like beef with broccoli, shumai dumplings, or pork spare ribs, this red is a star. Much like acid in white wines, tannin in reds balances the fat and richness in takeout entrees drenched in sauce, especially soy or fish sauce infusions. This balance means opulent merlot won’t overpower Chinese dishes, and instead elevates their personalities whether enjoyed straight from the box, perfectly plated, or cold at 4 am.


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