Wine, Beer & Spirit delivery in China with Fancy Cellar

Aurélie Allusse

How to get alcohol home delivery in China or Shanghai?

Good thing for you Fancy Cellar thought about you. You can purchase wine, beer, spirit on our website and be delivered in ALL CHINA.


How much does the delivery cost?

We deliver in ALL of China. Delivery within 24H in Shanghai! Plus FREE shipping in All China for Orders above 500rmb!!!

Delivery fee are 10 rmb for Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Other parts of China it is 20 rmb if order below 500 rmb.


How long does it take to be delivered?

Within Shanghai it takes 1 business day maximum. You can be delivered in the same day if you place your order before 3pm.

Outside Shanghai it takes between 2 or 5 days .

We are FLEXIBLE on delivery timings, just contact us by phone 400-098-1219, livechat or email and we will arrange a convenient timing for you to receive

your parcel :)

We deliver from Monday to Sunday But for weekend delivery you order must be placed on Friday before 4pm. If you place your order during the weekend, you will be delivered on Monday or as requested. We do not deliver for most Chinese Holidays. Do not hesiate to contact us for special request.


How can I ensure that my order will be delivered in a good state?

Because wine is a living product, its transportation can be delicate. That is why we collaborate closely with transporters specialized in Food & Beverages logistic.

At Fancy Cellar we have our own staff for delivery in Shanghai & we partner topnotch courier service providers, including SF Express, Deppon & UPS.

Also, we focus on quality instead of quantity like other e-tailers. That is why our delivery place maybe not the fastest, but we ensure it’s the safest for your goods.

If you receive a broken bottle, take a picture and send it to us


Now that you know everything about our delivery terms , you can go on our website and enjoy our products!!!

For more information about our delivery term: Click Here