Thanksgiving Wine Pairing & Discount

Aurélie Allusse


At this time of thanksgiving we would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to you! Thank you for your support. We strive everyday to bring you the best value boutique & organic wines, and the most caring service. To show you that we care, we're pleased to offer this exclusive discount to you all:

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Valid until Monday November 30th

For thanksgiving, we suggest you to pair your turkey with shiraz wines. So why Syrah and turkey? Well Syrah plays particularly well with wild game, white/light meats, poultry, stews etc.

About Syrah / Shiraz

(Sah-ra or Shi-raz) Syrah and shiraz are two names for the same variety. Europe vintners only use the name Syrah. And in today's world where bigger is better, Syrah is the ideal choice. It’s darker than Cabernet Sauvignon and contains high amounts of health-invigorating antioxidants.


The Taste of Syrah Wine

Syrah is responsible for some of the darkest full-bodied red wines in the world. It has dark fruit flavors from sweet blueberry to savory black olive. When you taste Syrah you’ll be greeted with a punch of flavor that tapers off and then has a spicy peppery note in the aftertaste. Because of its front-loaded style, Syrah is often blended with grapes that add more mid-palate, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, to help make the wine taste more complete. Traditionally in France, Syrah is blended with light-bodied Grenache and even richer Mourvèdre to create the classic Côtes du Rhône blend, or with Carignan to make the magistral Languedoc wines