Send your gift to China with Fancy Cellar !

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Send your gift to China with Fancy Cellar !


You want to offer some wine or spirits to your business partners or expat friends living in China ? Fancy Cellar does it for you !


Wherever you are around in the world, the only thing you have to do is to choose your gift !

Fancy Cellar will take care about everything ! It's easy and safe !


Step 1 - Visit our website and choose which wine or spirit you would like to offer :

You can also have a look to our global Taobao :


Step 2 - Choose your delivery conditions, when and where in China you want to deliver your wine gift 

With Fancy Cellar you will benefit from our convenient payment mode on Paypal, it has never been so easy to offer a gift in China !


Step 3 - Let your friends enjoy your gift !