Pinot Noir Wine Class

Aurélie Allusse

This week with Michael from France we will introduce you the grape variety: Pinot Noir


Q: Where is Pinot Noir from? And what kind of wine is it?

A: His home is Burgundy. Mentioned for the first time in 1375.

It is a red wine grape variety and belongs to the family of Vitis Vinifera.

Ponit Noir: a grape variety which likes cold and tempered climates.

It represents 35% of Burgundy wine region.


Q: What are the characteristics of Pinot Noir?

A: Pinot Noir is a grape variety which likes cold and tempered climates. It doesn’t like to travel too much. It likes staying home, meaning it gives the best of itself when grown on the Terroir of Burgundy, its birthplace. Its “blue blood” gives birth to magnificent wines: Romanée-Conti, Musigny, Chambertin…

It gives a light and ruby red juice. His berries are small with a thin and velvety skin.

Q: Where to find Pinot Noir in other parts of France?

A: Loire Valley (Sancerre), in Champagne and Alsace.


Q: Where to find it in the world?

A: USA (Oregon), Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Chile and South Africa. BUT the best Point Noir are from Burgundy of course ;)


Aromas and Flavors:

When young: Strawberry, cherry, raspberry. When old: leather & spices.


Food and Wine Pairing:

Duck (Beijing Roasted Duck), beef (Boeuf Bourguignon), lamb, tuna…


Tips about Pinot Noir:

Its very bright ruby red juice is used in Champagne to make that famous and beautiful French bubbles: Champagne Rosé!


  • Introduction of Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Nuiton-Beaunoy:

This Pinot Noir is pure expression of Burgundy Terroir. Nuiton-Beaunoy is a winery located in the heart of Burgundy, in Beaune. It is the only association of winegrowers in Côte d’Or.


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