Mini Wine Class: Grape Alcohol

Aurélie Allusse


Do you know? Wine is not the only alcohol made by grapes.


Of course wine is the most famous & delicate alcohol made with grapes… but you will be surprise to see that others great drinks are made of grapes!Let me introduce some of them to you so next time you are having diner with friends you’ll look wine smart! 



Meet Pisco - The Proud Cousin
Pisco is a grapes brandy / eau-de-vie distilled in the heart of the Andes. Chile and Peru are fighting to claim it as their national drink, consequently each of them do their own Pisco.
Must taste: The Pisco Sour, a delicious cocktail prepared with Pisco and lime juice. 



Meet Grappa - The Popular DaughterThis grape pomace’s brandy / eau-de-vie was originally concocted in the mountains of northern Italy. But it became so popular that you can now find it everywhere in the country.You can also find now some derived products in the US, Switzerland, and even Australia.Drink it as digestif (to help you digest after a heavy meal) or with desserts.



Meet Komovica - The Doctor UncleThis grape pomace’s brandy / eau-de-vie comes from Yugoslavia, where it is homemade.Very popular in Serbia, it generally contains more than 50% alcohol, and is often used for medical purposes (not for kids!). It is very similar to grappa. 医生叔叔---科莫薇卡酒 Komovica.




Meet Tsipouro - The Big DaddyThis Greek eau-de-vie is obtained by distilling grape pomace. In France we use to drink eau-de-vie at the end of the meal as digestif (to help you digest after a heavy meal), but in Greece they drink it during their meals.We usually serve the Tsipuro in 20ml small bottles.Food pairing: greek cuisine, tomatoes, feta, cucumbers, olives.




Meet Pipeño - The Old School SisterA Chilean wine very surprising, whose methods of vinification plunge us back a century. Everything is done by hand and the wine has little to do with what we are used to!So how does it taste? Humus, herbs and tobacco leaves fresh aromas followed by red fruit notes. A fresh and pleasant wine, especially in summer!Must Taste: The Terremoto, a well known cocktail in Chile, with Pipeño, grenadine and pineapple ice cream.Note that terremoto also means "earthquake" in Spanish, perfect name for this mix, the ones who tasted will tell you…. ;) 


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