How to choose your wine glass?

Aurélie Allusse


Today, we are going to teach you how to choose the proper wine glass. There is actually a logical reason why a wine glass is shaped the way it is. Besides, certain glass shapes work better for specific wines.

The importance of the proper glass

A research from a Japanese medical group made in February 2015 showed that glass shape matters.  They developed a special camera that photographs ethanol vapors as they leave the opening of a glass. The reason why ethanol vapors are a useful thing to photograph is because this is how the wine aromas enter your nose.

Why so many different wine glasses?

There are many glass shapes as there are several different wine styles.


White Wine Glasses

2 Main styles of white wine glasses emphasize maintaining a cool temperature and/or delivering aromas.

White wines are in general served in smaller bowled glasses.

1- Preserve floral aromas

2- Maintain cooler temperature

3- Delivers more aromas (event at cooler temperatures) due to proximity.



Red Wine Glasses

There are several of red wine glasses depending the style of wine.

Red wines are usually served in larger bowled glasses.

1- Delivers more aroma compounds vs the burn of ethanol from being father from nose

2- Larger surface area to let ethanol evaporate

3- Wider opening makes wines taste smoother


The choice of a red wine glass will affect the bitterness of tannin or the spiciness to deliver a smoother tasting wine. We have noticed after few years of tasting, that wines tend to taste smoother with a wider opening.

Glass 1: A great glass for medium to full bodied red wines such as Bordeaux blends, Rhone blends, Nebblio, Sangiovese.

Glass 2:  A great glass for full-bodied red wines ample tannin and typically higher alcohol such as Zinfandel, Syrah, Mourvedre, Malbec.

Glass 3: A great choice for lighter red wine with more delicate aromatic such as Pinot Noir, Gamay, Zweigelt, Schiava.


Hope it will help you to enjoy even more your favorite wines!!!


Your Fancy team!