Fancy Cellar Wine Club – Best Value Wine Subscription in China!

Bertrand Moreau
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Boutique wines curated by wine pros delivered to your door every month.


☞ Convenience / Quality / Value

Each month our experts select 2 different bottles of wine from all over the world. Selections are based upon quality & value. Detailed education and tasting notes are provided for each bottle chosen. We safely package these items and deliver to your home or office each month. Money Back Guarantee / Cancel Anytime / No Hidden Fees. Tour the world's great vineyards from the comfort of home. Santé! 干杯!


☞ Fancy Cellar Wine Club – Fine Wine Subscription in China!

Fancy Cellar Club provides its members with wine, wine education and wine related products. The subscription service features experts who choose 2 different international wines each month and provide detailed education and information about each bottle chosen. This is packaged and delivered to subscribers’ home or office, for a onetime fee.

There are many online wine distributors but only Fancy Cellar has top wine professionals hand-pick every selection while providing education about each wine for its subscribers.

Many people would like to learn and understand more about wine so they have the confidence to choose wines that they will like in shops or restaurants.

Our team provides useful information about each bottle every month. We strive constantly to source high quality and diverse wines from all corners of the wine-producing world, so it’s like taking a tour of the world’s great vineyards from the comfort of home. It’s like Christmas every month! ;)

Members can subscriber for 3/6/12 months for a onetime fee. Fancy Cellar is based in Shanghai and serves clients across China.


¥899 for 3 Months = ¥299/Month ☞ ✧ 3-Month Wine Subscription ✧ 6 Bottles Total ✧ Fancy Cellar Club ✧

¥1799 For 6 Months = ¥299/Month  ✩ 6-Month Wine Subscription ✩ 12 Bottles Total ✩ Fancy Cellar Club ✩

¥3599 for 12 Months = ¥299/Month ☞ ✪ 12-Month Wine Subscription ✪ 24 Bottles Total ✪ Fancy Cellar Club ✪


☞ For only RMB299 per month you get yourself a hassle free, premium wine club (can also be a thoughtful gift). Fancy Cellar Club Members receive every month 2 bottles of the best value boutique wines, handpicked by our Fancy Team and delivered to they door without having to worry about it.

Note that by purchasing today’s offer, you are automatically signing up for the Fancy Club and will receive this month selection right away. You are free to cancel anytime you want. Moreover Fancy Club Members enjoy exclusive benefits such as VIP invitations to our wine tastings. We’ll give you a heads-up about our monthly selection at the beginning of each month. We ship the wines first week of each month and arrange delivery at your convenience.


Santé ~ 干杯

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