Everything you need to know about Puglia!

Aurélie Allusse


Today we are going to Puglia wine region and we will tell you everything you need to know about this wine area.


What is Puglian wine?


Puglian wine is of course wine that comes from the Puglia region of Italy. This region is most famous for its primitive (same grape as Zinfandel), which generally grow in California. Puglia area is one of the biggest producers of rosé wine. Many grapes are from Puglia as Fiano, Verdeca, Bombino Bianco, Bombino Nero, Negroamaro, Primitivo, and Nero di Troia.


What is Puglia Known for?


Puglia was know as the “Bulk” producer of Italy, producing wines that would be sent over to France where they would be used for Vermouth and Northern Italy where they would be blended and sold off as quality wines elsewhere.

As other Italian wine regions continued to grow in reputation for producing outstanding wines, Puglia stayed out of the limelight? Known for being Europe’s bulk basin. During the 80’s, the wine producers’ of Puglia decided to replant vines across the region led to a mass regeneration of Puglia wine.


Soil, water and Climate

Puglia is situated next to the ocean. Over 800km of the region is exposed to either the Adriatic or Ionian seas, creating a range of different wind patterns that affect this diverse, yet largely flat environment. Puglia is exposed to more summer sunlight than anywhere else in Italy, but the cool breeze surrounding the coast allows wines to remain at an adequate temperature. This region has a really unique climate as they experience different weather as sun, rain and even snow.


Classifications of Puglian Wine

There is three types of classifications: DOCG, DOC and IGT. The production of DOCG wines is highly controlled to ensure the result of only the greatest quality of wines. DOC has still a high-degree of control such as quality winemaking methods.


Suggestions of Puglia wines


Tormaresca Nerprica Rosso, Puglia IGT - Antinori Vineyards, Italy, 2012, Red, ¥199

(Cabernet sauvignon, Negroamaro) 88pts Robert Parker & 90pts Wine Spectator


Paiara Bianco Chardonnay, Puglia IGT by Antinori Winery, Italy, 2012, White, ¥129

(Chardonnay) Primum Familiae Vini, PFV - The "Leading Wine Families"'


Paiara Rosso, Puglia IGT - Antinori Vineyards, Italy, 2011, Red, ¥129

(Cabernet Sauvignon, Negroamaro) Primum Familiae Vini, PFV - The "Leading Wine Families"




- Puglia is still a work in progress, finding its own identity as a premium winegrowing region.

- Puglia is the flattest region in Italy for wine.

- Puglia is home to more than 60 million olive trees

- Puglia makes more wine than any other Italian region


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