Chardonnay Wine Class

Aurélie Allusse

This week with Michael from France we will introduce you the grape variety: Chardonnay


Q:Where is Chardonnay from?

A:Chardonnay is from Burgundy, a wine producing region on the Center-East part of France. There is a village in South-Burgundy, in Mâconnais, called Chardonnay. It is probably where it is from.


Q:Is the best Chardonnay from Burgundy?

A:Probably. For example, we have very famous Grand Cru called Montrachet, probably one of the best white wine in the world made from Chardonnay. It represents 49% of the total wine producing area. We use Chardonnay for many generations to make white wine such as Chablis, Meursault, Montrachet…

Q:Does Chardonnay have a nick name?

A:Yep, we call Chardonnay “the liquid gold”. After aging, the color of Chardonnay looks like gold.


Q:What are the main characteristics of Chardonnay?

A:He needs the attention of the winegrower. He is vigorous, has a good fertility, but he doesn’t like cold weather especially Spring frost.

The berries are green-yellow, sometimes gold. His juice is very sweet.

Q:Where can we find it in France?

A:In Burgundy, its birthplace. South of France, Loire, Jura. In Champagne, you can find some very nice Blanc de Blancs,and famous Mum in formula1.


Q:Where can we find it in the World?

A:Contrary to Pinot Noir, Chardonnay travels pretty well and gives good wines almost everywhere we grow it. China, USA (Napa), Australia, New Zealand…


Q:What is the most expensive chardonnay ?

A:I think it is must be Romanee Conti, btw, I saw a Canton version guangdong-conti in china, haha! Acutally Leflaive also is the top one, someone said they still has the chardonnay from Napoleon period, 200 years ago. LOL


Aromas & Flavors:

Butter, pear, hazelnut, apple (green apple in Chablis) tropical fruits, white flowers, white-fleshed fruits such as peach.


Food and Wine Pairing:

fishes, sea fruits, oysters (Chablis), poultry


Introduction of the Petit Chablis:

If you are not a wine professional, you can start understanding Chardonnay by tasting Petit Chablis from La Chablisienne.

Situated in north of Burgundy, Chablis is a small village of 2000 people.

La Chablisienne is one the key players in Chablis, it is a very nice “house of wine” (winery). La Chablisienne own 80% of the very famous Chablis Grand Cru Château Grenouilles.

This wine, the Petit Chablis, is very refreshing white wine, mouthwatering, giving aromas like white-flowers and orange.

The best pairing would be oysters but you can try it with a grilled fish.

You can buy our Petit Chablis from La Chablisienne just right here