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Spirit Type: 
NV ‘Non Vintage’
0 l
Birthday, Dating, Get Together, Home, Home Party, KTV, Ladies Night
Get 27
Bottle & Tasting Notes: 


A classic French liqueur, Get 27 is a minty marvel which works wonderfully in cocktails and mixed drinks, as well as being rather refreshing when served over ice. The famous Get & Perrier is a must try! The '27' in the name originally referred to its alcoholic percentage, though over the years this has changed, but the name has remained the same.

Mint liqueur Get 27 has been one of France's foremost cremes de menthe since 1796 and is a rather darker green. 'Get' is pronounced 'Jet' in this case due to the Gallic origin of the brand, while the 27 refers to the original alcohol percentage, which was subsequently reduced. So really it should be called 'Get 21', but they probably didn't want to confuse people.

Enjoy as an aperitif or in cocktails. It is particularly refreshing served over crushed ice.

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