Camus Fine Island Cognac - Ile de Ré Double Matured
Spirit Type: 
Napoleon >6 Years Old
700 ml
Celebration, Relax, Birthday, Business, Collection, Fine Dining, Gifting
Gilbert & Gaillard Award - Gold
IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition - Silver
San Francisco World Spirits Competition - Gold
The Spirits Business - Master
Maison Camus - Cognac - France
Bottle & Tasting Notes: 


Tasting Note: 

Eye: golden amber.
Nose: fresh, lively and marine. Toasted bread and smoky notes with a touch of honey.
Palate: subtle and smooth balance between smoky and spicy hints and rich crystallised fruit flavours.


Drinking Suggestions:

Robust, Subtle smoky character
This cognac owes its character to a unique ageing technique unknown in the Cognac region. After several years of ageing in cellars on the island, it undergoes a secong maturation in old "red" barrels, which have undergone a special toasting process. Neat,you will discover the toasted and subtle and smooth balance between smoky hints and rich, crystallised fruit flavours.
Over ice, or with a dash of water, the smoky character and the maritime influence will express themselves to the full.

The CAMUS company, the world’s No. 5 cognac brand, is the largest cognac producer that is still entirely family owned. The passion of a French family, continually dedicated to the making of high qualitydistinctive cognacs. Its independence allows the company to remain faithful to its founding principle: a passionate commitment to authenticity and quality, which makes CAMUS Cognacs truly distinctive. CAMUS explores the great diversity and the richness of the AOC region’s vineyards, through its unique ranges of cognacs. Every CAMUS Cognac is a discovery and a journey of its own, and there is always something new to discover even when you thought you knew a lot about cognac.