Winery of the Month: Domaine Ventenac

Aurélie Allusse

Alain Maurel started in 1973 with the help of his father. He built up a qualitative approach from the grape to the bottle. This organic vineyard is based in Cabardès, classified as an AOC (Appelation d’Origine  Controlée) is among the most reputed viticultural terroirs of the Languedoc Roussillon, both for the high quality of it's wines and their originality. Their production method combined two axes: quality with the repsect of the land. Domaine Ventenac sell organic wine and they are certified by Terra Vitis (Organ Wine Label)


Domaine Ventenac Rosé: Their rosé is elaborated with the desire to offer the consumer a moment of intense pleasure reduced to its purest simplicity. This wine brings rosé back to its primary definition: exacerbated fruit sensation, intense freshness and instant pleasure.

Domaine Ventenac White: This Chardonnay born from our french terroir is first and foremost minerality, doubled with an aromatic complexity (exotic fruits, honey, slight toasted notes) and a balanced structure on the palate (lively, rich and velvety).

Domaine Ventenac Merlot: 100% Merlot, this organic wine is fresh and well balanced. It show delicious aromas of cocoa, orange peel and ripe red fruits.

Domaine Ventenac Shiraz: Intense aromas of violet. A peppery character. Freshness due to Cabardes climate. A precise and focus wine which reveals the specificity of our terroir: sunshine, but no heat or jammy fruit on the palate. Just pleasure.

Domaine Ventenac La Réserve: The Château Ventenac « Réserve » is the fresh expression of this terroir, presenting intense aromas of red fruits heightened by spicier scents.