White Wine Grape Variety

white wine grape variety

Hello Wine lover,

Today, I will teach you how to recognize white wine grape variety.

There are many grape varieties of white wine, but 6 of them represent 80% of the white wine production in France: Riesling, chardonnay, viognier, gewürztraminer, chenin and sauvignon. 

1st step: Evaluate the level of acidity

High level of acidity: It will be probably sauvignon, riesling or chenin.
Average level of acidity: The grape variety might be chardonnay.
Low level of acidity: It would be viognier or gewürztraminer. 

2nd step: Identify the main aroma

Sauvignon: citrus fruit, lemon, grapefruit, box tree.
Chardonnay: vanilla, pear, lemon, butter, toasted toast.
Chenin: apple, lime, quince.
Viognier: white peach, apricot.
Gewürztraminer: litchi, spices, rose.
Riesling: lemon, grapefruit