Three steps to order wine at a restaurant

Aurélie Allusse

So today, I will introduce you some tips about wine at a restaurant

The first step is to verify the bottle

When the waiter come and shows you the bottle it is to verify that it is the bottle that you ordered.  This is a good way to avoid mistake, especially for restaurant, which carry different types of wins from a same producer. Besides,  If you have ordered a very old and fine bottle of wine, you’ll usually want to inspect its condition such as bottle fill level, the importer sticker, the foil that covers the cork…

The second step is to inspect the cork

The cork gives you a clue as to what’s happening inside the bottle.  You can also check that on the cork it is the same producer as on the label and you can see if there is no seepage. The wine can still be good if there is a  seepage, but it increase the possibility that the wine is flawed.

The third step is to approve the wine sample

It is to verify that the wine is not flawed. 

It can be flawed in many ways:

Corked? A corked wine smells like wet cardboard and is super musty. It isn’t bad to drink but the aroma is ruined by the off-smell.

Cooked? A wine can get cooked when it’s stored at extended periods over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When you smell the wine it’ll smell a little like stewed old jam.

Oxidized? A single bottle can be oxidized if that particular bottle was not properly sealed. A wine turns to vinegar when it’s exposed to oxygen and so when you are checking the wine to see if it has gone bad in this way you’ll be looking for a very zingy high-acid flavor that’s similar to vinegar.

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