She drank the whole bottle in order to not waste it

Aurélie Allusse

As you all know we should drink in moderation

At the Beijing airport, a Chinese woman drank a whole bottle of alcohol as a matter of priority.

The drink was a prestigious cognac Remy Martin XO that she brought from the US. The woman couldn’t take the bottle with her for her flight to Wenzhou. The bottle cost 170 EUR so it wasn’t possible to waste it. The woman choose a drastic solution to her problem, she decided she would drink the whole bottle of Cognac before to take her plane.

After a little while the effects of alcohol were there, the woman was completely red and roll on the floor laughing. The authority did not authorize the woman to go in her plan to Wenzhou and ask her family to pick her up. So she didn’t waste her bottle but she got a pretty bad hangover