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Everything you always wanted to know about green wines but were afraid to ask :)

ORGANIC WINE - Many oenophiles continue to look for organic wines. Organic wines are made from organic agriculture, meaning it is not the wine that is organic but the grapes. In fact, no wine is organic since – from harvest to bottling – natural chemical changes occur. Winemakers (like Pesquie Paradou in Rhone Valley or Ventenac in Languedoc) must follow very strict specifications to cultivate the vine while respecting the living & natural cycles. The winemaker cannot use synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. Roots will go deeper in the soil to draw on its characteristics, which will be reflected in the glass.In France for example, you can find these wines with the AB logo.


BIODYNAMIC WINE - The spirit of organic agriculture applies in this case, but other rules are added. Biodynamic may seem for some people to be mystical as it appeals to celestial and terrestrial forces.
Winemakers (like Daumen in Rhone ValleyPacalet in Burgundy) rely on the lunar calendar to cultivate the vine. These are the lunar and planetary rhythms that will dictate the work of the winemaker, with days for root, leaf, flower and fruit. The other key principle of biodynamic is to strengthen the immune system of the vine and to heal the wounds with preparations of chamomile, nettle or silica. We could say it is akin to homeopathy for the vines.

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NATURAL WINE - The idea is that nothing is added or removed during the winemaking process. Winemakers (like Frick in Alsace or Breton in Loire Valley) that are producing natural wines mostly adopt the principles of organic agriculture or those of biodynamic. So tasks should also not be mechanized. That is why the use of horses reappeared in some French vineyards. Once organic grapes are harvested, the wine is intended to be as natural as possible. Winemakers do not add exogenous aromatic yeasts for fermentation nor sugar. The wine is not filtered or if so, with very little filtration, resulting sometimes in a slightly cloudy colour.

Now that you know (almost ;) everything there is to know about green wines, taste for yourself! We curated a great selection starting as low as ¥99 - Cheers!

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