News from the beginning of the harvest in France

Aurélie Allusse

As you might know right now it is the time of the harvest in France, so we will have a quick look of the progression of the harvest in the different wine area in France.



The specialist are very pleased with the quality of the grapes sot hey should be able to make a wine of a very good quality. However, the summer was very dry so the productivity won’t be very important.


This year look promising. The climatic conditions were really good, sunny in July then a little bit a rain and no hail for Côte de Nuits et la Côte de Beaune as last year. Except for the Chablis vineyard, they have been touched by hail few days ago.


Champagne is the only appellation entirely harvest by hand.

“Healthy grapes, saturated with sun and with a good acidity. The promise of a great wine “ following Pascal Férat, president of the general federation of winemaker in Champagne. Also, he thinks 2015 will be the best vintage from the past 20 years.



The grapes from 2015 red and white suggest that the wine will be able this year to work with high quality fruit. In Bordeaux, the vegetative cycle was held for the best bud break, in mid-April, the flower in late May , when "the conditions were ideal since the plants have evolved without constraint with measured rainfall ". A month of July when dry implantation depth of the root system has helped withstand some heat waves and wet month of August " just enough to narrow the maturity


Rhone Valley

The harvest started at the end of August, they are two weeks in advance in comparison to last year. Wi the rain during the fall & the spring the vineyard were able to resist the drought during the summer. The health of the vineyard is really good; they are expecting remarkable red wines.


The vineyards in Provence suffer of any disease thanks to a dry weather and the heat. There is a very high quality grapes, with " a nice balance and a beautiful material in the first extracts juices ". The volume of the harvest will not be as generous as last year. There will be around 160 million bottle commercialized especially rosé wine. Provence is the first wine area producing rosé in France.

Languedoc Roussillon

At the beginning of August, the harvest started in Languedoc Roussillon. This year should be good as there was no disease in the vineyards. Besides, the production will be more important than last year.

South West

The harvest started at the end of August. The vineyard conditions are excellent as there was no disease. Besides, they resist to droughts of the summer. Inter- Rhône expects an especially concentrated vintage red wines with "exceptional"

Loire Valley

In Sancerre, it could be an " exceptional year ".

2015 should be a more concentrated vintage sugar and less acid. Cabernet is collected first, by the middle of next week.